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No matter what summer mode you're in—looking for love, looking for a job post-graduation, healing a broken heart or maybe heading out on vacation—there's always the perfect pair of sunglasses to fit your mood. From pride to despair, your sunglasses do more than shade your eyes from UV rays: they also hide your moods, show off your flair and style, and keep your eyes at ease while on the go-go, go!

Heart-Breaking Utter Despair

Did your honey leave you hanging or perhaps you just got the divorce papers? There's nothing like a good pair of sunglasses to hide your weary, tear-streaked and reddened eyes. A little mystery to keep people from prying about why you look so haggard can't hurt.These sunglasses look great but also hide the fact that you cried into a pint of Ben and Jerry's last night. And hey—no judgments here. Ice cream can heal all…besides war. That it can't do…yet.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Yes, it's time to say "Peace out" to your everyday life and get in some good rest and relaxation on vacation! Maybe you're exploring the great outdoors and hiking. Maybe you're sipping frozen margaritas by the pool. Whatever type of vacation floats your boat, you can trythese sunglasses or thesecool pair of lenses to keep your eyes shaded from the sun no matter where you're traveling. 

 A Little Pride

Starting a new job?  Graduated from college or grad school, even high school?

If you're stoked about all you've accomplished and want a little flair for your perfect face that says, "Darnit, I'm awesome and people love me," thesecool shades will make people take a second glance at you, the proud graduate or newly employed citizen of the world!

Cougar Time Or Newly Divorced & Ready To Mingle

Okay, so the ink is barely dry on that divorce decree or perhaps you've decided it's time to date a little younger. Hey, they've got less baggage, more muscle and more stamina. Who can blame you?

Whatever the case may be, you're single and ready to mingle. No more bad marriage. No more trodden down partners with intense baggage. It's time for summer sun, fun and buns. 

Okay—maybe we went a little too far there. Or maybe not!

Getting a pair of sunglasses likethis pair that says, "Hello World: Enjoy my hotness" orthis pair that calls attention to your beautiful features is a great way to greet potential dates this summer.

Brand New Home Or Apartment Owner, Ready For A Little Housewarming

There's no time like the summer to move into a new house. With people relocating in time for the school year, the market can be just as hot as the temperatures outdoors. If you're renting or owning a brand new place for the summer or for the near future, you've probably got a big old grin on your face called "I did it!"

Good for you.Rock these sunglasses and show the world you're an awesome responsible human being who just signed a lease or mortgage. 

All that's left now is to move-in and throw that housewarming party!

No matter what summer mode or mood you're in, don't forget an extra pair or two of sunnies as you travel around and hit the town. Your eyes and face will thank you! Happy summer!