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Summer time…and the living is beachy! Sun, sand, ocean waves and salty sea air. The day at the beach can be gorgeous and certainly, exhausting from that hot-hot sun. No matter how long you're staying or who's coming with you for the beautiful day, there are a few things you need to bring to the beach with you each and every time besides just sunblock, (yes, you better bring it and wear it!) in order to make the day absolutely perfect and radiant. Hey, that's a little "sun-humor" for you!

#1—OF COURSE! Sunglasses

Really, no matter how sensitive your eyes are, you've got to bring sunglasses to the beach. In my opinion, bringing a cheap pair, especially if you're a busy parent on the run, is the best idea, in case you lose them in the sand.  If you are really active though—surfing, water sports, running on the beach, etc.—investing in a solid, higher-end pair is worthwhile.

#2—Let The Music Play! Earbuds & Tunes

Even if you're with the love of your life or your BFF, bring some earbuds and tunes so you can get a little time with your own thoughts. This will help you relax, plus, if the conversation lulls, you've got songs to keep you going.

If you're a parent unfortunately unless your kid is older, you're beat. You're going to be building sandcastles and chasing after the littles until it's time to go home.

#3—Something Sweet! High Water Content Fruit

Oh boy—have you ever seen someone pass out on the boardwalk or the beach? It is a scary sight. No matter how hydrated you think you are, it's always wise to bring some fruits as snacks for your day. Make sure they're ones that are incredibly hydrating.


  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple

And always, always have plenty of liquids on hand! Yes, it can be a pain to carry a bunch of stuff to and from your car of if you're lucky, beach house, but making sure you've got a way to stay hydrated in the heat.

#4—Bag it Baby! Protect Your Phone

Don't let your phone be victim to an accident of water or sand! Keep it in a plastic Ziploc bag. This will make your life—because we all know how big our phones have become to us—much easier and happier.

And don't forget that your phone can get overheated.

#5—Don't Stay Sandy!Baby Powder, Baby

Unless you're asthmatic or allergic, bring a little baby powder with you to get any excess sand off of you. Trust us, you will be thanking us later. Google around and you'll see what we mean.

#6—Stay Shaded Sisters…& Brothers!Tent or Umbrella

Even if you believe in the sun god, you still need a break from the rays and sometimes, the wind. An umbrella won't help with the wind (a wind guard will), but a nice beach tent is super practical, especially if going to the beach with kids!

These six items will make your beach visit a little more fun, enjoyable and comfortable! While you're at it, we recommend a good book and most certainly, a pail and a shovel. No matter how old you are, building sand castles are fun.