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There's a reason Clark Kent was so sexy, and it wasn'tjust that he turned into Superman, complete with major muscles and abs. 

It was the glasses.

The glasses made Clark. Sure, the goal of those glasses was to make Clark seem perhaps, geeky and unsure. The regular man. The reality is it had the opposite effect.

It made him look intelligent, mysterious and drool-worthy.

Without the glasses, Clark would have been just your average guy. Whatever.

If you're getting your first pair ofreaders, your first pair of daily glasses or your fiftieth, don't doubt the power ofglasses. They make you sexier, in every single way!

They Frame Your Face

The perfect haircut for your face shape does a lot, but have you ever seen a piece of art that didn't have a frame of some sort?

Glasses act in the same way. They frame your face, accenting all the beautiful and handsome things that make you you.

Your hazel eyes. Your strong nose. Your delicate nose. Your high cheekbones.

Glasses frame our face, like the works of Mother Nature's art. This frame makes you hotter, sexier and more attractive.

They Show Personality

A pair offunky frames shows off an eccentric and daring personality. A pair of classic frames shows off an even-keel attitude and calm and beautiful demeanor. A pair of "barely-there" frames shows off a shier personality.

Your eyeglasses tell a story. They tell the story of you. How you like to look. How you like to be perceived. How you're feeling that very day!—especially if you have more than one pair, like many of us glasses-wearers do.

Your glasses showcase your personality and make you all the more appealing!

They Command Respect

The stereotype of the serious librarian. The banker. 

Whatever the case may be, glasses have been associated with positions of respect and intelligence since the dawn of time!

Think about almost every sitcom, movie or even cartoon: the "smart" character almost always wears glasses. And while some people may be drawn to men or women for their "eye-candy" quotient, most of us are attracted to someone who seems intelligent and powerful. 

Glasses make you seem composed, smart, witty and in charge and that my friends, is hot!

They Hide A Bit Of You…To Seem Mysterious

Have you ever taken someone's glasses off for the first time, like a lover or partner, and finally saw his or her face for the first time? Didn't it seem as it you were unveiling something? But also at the same time, didn't it seem as if your lover or partner's face wasnaked without those glasses?

It's as if glasses have the ability to become a complete feature of our face…while also "hiding" our face at the same time, creating intrigue and a bit of mystery.

They Show Someone Is Confident

A person who wears glasses and owns it is very confident.

He or she is not worried about getting contacts. He or she is not worried about seeming serious or too timid. The glasses-wearer knows that he or she is hot and doesn't care what anyone thinks whether he or she is rocking atortoise shell traditional pair, or something more eclectic.

A man or woman who wears glasses is simply put, hotter than your average bear. If you don't believe us, try putting on a pair yourself…even if it's non-prescription. We bet you'll love your face and look even more!