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Eye Love the Sun!

August 16, 2019 2 min read

Eye Love the Sun!

It’s that time of year again! After an exceptionally brutal winter, we find ourselves basking under the sun and seeking outdoor thrills more than ever. Whether it’s a relaxing picnic in Central Park or an invigorating run in NYC, protection from the sun is paramount to enjoying this lovely weather. We’re here to give you tips on how to make the most of your fun in the sun, while doing it safely.

  1. Sunscreen! This should go without saying, however, in the rush to revel in the rays it is common for us to leave home without applying the proper SPF. Not only does sunscreen protect us from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer, but it also has several aesthetic benefits. It can prevent premature aging, blotchiness and enhances the health of the skin. Sunscreen can also prevent painful sunburns so don’t forget to apply it every time!
  2. Stay hydrated! Being out in the sun can cause our bodies to sweat and lose precious moisture. Dehydration can really put a damper on your plans as it can cause dizziness, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, and even fainting. Want to ensure you’ll be savoring the sun all day? Keep a water bottle on hand during your adventures and stay refreshed!
  3. Eye protection. Just as it is important to wear sunscreen to protect our skin, wearing the proper eyewear shields our eyes from those same harmful UV rays. The skin around our eyelids are exceptionally sensitive to sun damage, so having the right eyewear can prevent serious problems. Sunglasses can also help prevent the development of conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma! So choose style and function by wearing a fashionable pair of glasses that also help protect our eyes! We offer a variety of polarized lenses that offer both protection from the sun and style! We recommend the Alexandria, Four20, Hess, and Jewel Street.

So what are your ideal plans for sun-filled day? We hope you enjoyed our tips and will get the most out of summer! And for all your eyewear needs, please visit one of our locations today!