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It’s true: anti-blue light glasses are ALL the rage. Some people dismiss them as a fashion statement, but blue light glasses have real benefits that could drastically change your quality of life for the better. With screens in our faces 24/7, it’s about time we made a move toward bettering our optical health.

What is Blue Light?

It’s time for a mini science lesson! Many people know that if you shine light through a glass prism, it will break into a rainbow of colors on the other side. All light is made up of different colors, each with their own wavelengths and energy levels. Blue light has the shortest wavelengths, and therefore, it produces the highest energy levels. Increased exposure to these high-energy lights can cause serious long-term damage over time to the eye’s retina. 

In today’s world, we get constant exposure to blue light from computer screens, phones, televisions, and even everyday sunlight. This can become a problem for those who work multiple hours a day and spend their time staring at a screen. With that said, a way to combat this issue is wearing special glasses, which can help with the following common issues that stem from too much blue light. 

Improve your sleeping habits

Because it is an essential component of sunlight, a significant amount of blue light indicates to your brain that it is daytime. If you use your screens late into the night, it disrupts the circadian rhythm that regulates the release of melatonin, a hormone that signals to your body that it is ready for sleep. Wearing blue light glasses filters blue light before it reaches your eyes, so you can use your phone before bed or watch a late-night movie without degrading your sleep quality. You can sleep easy (literally) without giving up your bedtime entertainment. 

Alleviate eye strain

Digital eye strain is affecting more people as the years go on, especially those who work in office settings and use computers all day. The blue light produced by various screens extends further into the eye and it unfortunately can cause damage to the eye’s retina. Often, you feel tired after spending several hours on a computer. Prolonged exposure to blue light often results in symptoms of eye strain, eye fatigue, migraines, and dry eyes. Many phones and computers now come with a feature that allows you to tint your screen yellow/orange to lessen the effects of excessive blue light, but that’s not always an option. Some professions, like graphic design, rely on true color in order to be precise in their jobs. Blue light glasses have a similar tinting effect, but the clear lenses will not warp the color on your screen. 

No need to sacrifice fashion

Just like traditional glasses and sunglasses, blue light glasses come in tons of shapes and sizes, so there is a pair to suit every face shape and skin tone. If you’re aiming for a professional look so you sport them in the office, classic black frames like our Porter Avenue pair is a good option. You can, however, spice things up a bit with gold frames that make more of a fashion statement. No matter what you’re looking for in a pair of glasses, we’ve got something that will look goodand protect your eyes from that pesky blue light.