Trend: Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

mirrored lens eyewear trend

Learn More About This Protective and Fashionable Favorite.

Mirrored lenses are every were from celebrity faces to runway shows but they offer more than a just a great look. They have been around for ages, providing superior eye protection and an air of mystique for those that wear them.

In the 1930s and 40s, sunglasses shifted from functional item to fashion accessory with the help of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Stars of the time popularized sunglasses while stylishly evading paparazzi, protecting themselves from prying eyes. This trend of mysterious glamor naturally evolved into mirrored sunglasses which appeared sometime around 1948 and were advertised as a way to see without being seen.

Besides offering glamor and secrecy mirrored lenses provide excellent eye protection. They are made with several coatings on the outside of the lens, containing color, reflective elements, and protective veneer. These layers give excellent sun protection by reflecting light away from the eye. Mirrored lenses can reduce light ten to sixty percent more than traditional tinted lenses.

The highly protective qualities of mirrored lenses are great in intense sun situations. Those who work outdoors, on the water, in the snow, or participate in sports benefit from wearing mirrored lenses. They also offer an advantage to law enforcement and security who need to maintain dominance by avoiding direct eye contact.

Mirrored sunglasses may bring the traditional silver aviator to mind but the trend today has expanded the look in nearly every way. They are available in frames from club master to round and any color of the rainbow. Most popular are the multicolor or holographic color schemes which blend and change as light reflects.

With so much to offer it’s no surprise mirrored sunglasses have risen to the top of the eyewear world and have become an enduring style. Want the look? We’ve got you covered! Shop Mirrored Lenses

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