Thanksgiving Fashion

Thanksgiving Fashion

Every November and Thanksgiving, the process of diving into Fall’s closet begins. Along with the change in temperature, there is also a reduction of sunlight as twilight begins earlier each day. Dressing warm enough for the milder daylight hours is just as tricky as having a versatile outfit that also stays warm when the sun sets and the temperature drops. This is the challenge of Thanksgiving fashion.

Thanksgiving fashion is about pairing the right outfits to the season and the upcoming holidays. Holidays like Thanksgiving is a time when friends and family travel back home for get-togethers and other group parties. For many, looking stylish is as important as how long that turkey must cook in the oven before it is glistening brown. It is a time for festivities and looking great in front of company.

But is there enough sweaters, boots, turtlenecks and fall jackets to last the next 60 days before winter arrives? No matter what is in the closet, below are a few ideas for what is trending this Fall.

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