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Our store locator will help you find the nearest retail location of a participating NYS Collection Eyewear store in your area.

With locations throughout the United States and the globe, NYS Collection Eyewear is found in over 150 malls in over 50 major metropolitan areas. Our highest concentration of retail locations are found in Colorado, Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and the NY/NJ Metropolitan area.

In addition to the USA, the store locator also lists where you can find NYS Collection in over 12 countries including: England, Greece, Romania, Sweden, UAE, Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Bahrain.

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13 thoughts on “Store Locator

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      In addition to Deira City Center, we are also located in Dubai Festival City, Mirdiff City Center, Ajman City Center, Fujiera City Center, Safeer Mall, Marina Mall and the
      Dubai Mall.

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      Hi Laurie, in addition to selling online, our NYS Collection Eyewear® retail locations sell exclusively from carts and kiosks in major malls. Are you having difficulty locating our sunglasses nearby?

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      Hi Myranda, Unfortunately the closest NYS Collection retail location to you is in Chicago, IL. We do have any retail locations closer to St. Louis. Are you unable to locate a style here on our website?

      • Myranda says:

        I cant find the pair I looked at when I was in CO cause I would like to purchase them. I can not seem to find them online. They had different color frames. Can I ask on the phone with my receipt because its somewhat similar to the pair I already have but just a different color

  1. Phuong Bui says:

    I did buy Elite sunglass for my husband in las Vegas , Nevada. Now those lenses got damaged . Can I bring to local store to exchange lenses or have to send back to Manufacture ? Please let me know.
    Thank you

  2. Nichola says:

    The store locator doesn’t seem to be working for the UK.
    Please can you confirm where you sell from in London.
    Many thanks

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