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Our store locator will help you find the nearest retail location of a participating NYS Collection Eyewear store in your area.

With locations throughout the United States and the globe, NYS Collection Eyewear is found in over 150 malls in over 50 major metropolitan areas. Our highest concentration of retail locations are found in Colorado, California, Florida, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and the NY/NJ Metropolitan area.

In addition to the USA, the store locator also lists where you can find NYS Collection in over 12 countries.

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22 thoughts on “Store Locator

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      In addition to Deira City Center, we are also located in Dubai Festival City, Mirdiff City Center, Ajman City Center, Fujiera City Center, Safeer Mall, Marina Mall and the
      Dubai Mall.

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      Hi Myranda, Unfortunately the closest NYS Collection retail location to you is in Chicago, IL. We do have any retail locations closer to St. Louis. Are you unable to locate a style here on our website?

  1. Chris Sawbridge says:

    G’day Anthony
    We reside in Australia and purchased a couple of sets of polarised Elite Sunglasses (and a couple of the cheaper variants for boating) from a NYS Collection in Fashion Place Mall 1 (FPM1) in South State Street, Murray, Salt Lake City, UT in 2013. They have been great to date. I somehow managed to scratch mine and was wondering if I can get the lens replaced – the scratch is right in my primary field of vision. We also intend to purchase some more whilst we are back in Park City in Feb 2016 for 10 days (we fly in and out of SLC) and was wondering if I could get them fixed before returning back to Australia. My Elite glasses are Hudson St & I also have the “heir to the crown” Prince St (8597).
    Wifey’s 8420’s were destroyed in a dog attack but her Elite’s (non-current) are doing very well indeed.
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      G’Day Chris, Thank you for providing detailed information about your issue and for being a loyal customer of our eyewear! Unfortunately, we do not replace the lens; however, we will replace the entire pair via our manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. We can coordinate the exchange via the warranty with our location at Fashion Place Mall when you visit in February. When you have the dates confirmed, please notify our customer service department . For more information about our lifetime warranty please click here.

      • Chris Sawbridge says:

        G’day Anthony & Louis
        Thanks for contacting me & presenting various options – especially given our ‘remote’ location Down Under. Wifey & I will swap out at the Fashion Place Mall in SLC in Feb. We appreciate your time and efforts.
        Kind regards

      • Chris Sawbridge says:

        Hi Anthony
        Our replacement sunnies arrived by courier yesterday. Thank you (& the team) for all of your assistance.
        Great service & great sunnies.
        Kind regards

  2. Rebekah Adamson says:

    Your website should state which locations will do prescription lenses. I found out the one in Flatirons Mall wont but Park Meadows will.

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      Hi Rebekhah, that is great feedback. All prescription lenses are processed through our website. However, we have 2 locations in Denver, where you can try on frames before purchasing the style you like. We are updating the store locator with this detail. Thanks!

  3. Bernie Anderton says:

    Purchased Elite sun glasses in Vegas approximately two years ago. The arms have been contacting the lenses,causing an abrasion that is in the vision range. Yesterday a hinge broke. Are my glasses warrantable??
    I live in Calgary Alberta,can’t find a local store. Can you advise

    Thx Bernie Anderton

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      Hi Bernie, we definitely can help you! Our warranty process is outlined on our FAQ page but you can also call customer service at 855.789.1000 to get the process rolling.

  4. Shivani Naidu says:

    Hi, I JUST purchased a pair of sunglasses at the san francisco store and they broke instantly when i brought them home to wear out. can i please exchange them? I didn’t even get a chance to wear them out yet and they broke as soon as i put them on. I have the receipt and everything. Please and thank you! loved the pair that i had got.

    • Anthony Fioravanti says:

      Hi Shivani, we apologize for the inconvenience. We recommend you return to the store with product and receipt in hand and to request an exchange. If you cannot return to the location, please email images of your receipt and photos of the pair to shopnys@nyscollection.com. Our customer service department will respond with next steps.

  5. Sergio says:

    I am looking for a store in Scottsdale, Arizona and your brief description says one of your highest retail concentration locations is in Arizona. In your store locater, it does not list any stores in Arizona. Can you help me find a retail store near me please?

  6. Hoke Thomas (H. J.) says:

    I purchased a pair of Elite glasses last year in Lone Tree, Colorado. I need to replace them, but do not have the sales receipt. I was not told that I would need it. Can I have them replaced by going to the store nearest me, or by mailing them in? Thanks

  7. Ariel Perez says:

    I need someone to contact me as Fast as possible I spent money buying two pairs with lifetime warranty and the store in WESTSHORE mall in tampa FL closed and I’m in need of immediate attention for this issue

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