NYS Collection’s founders began their personal journey as friends and business partners in a much different context than today. From the moment their parents allowed them to cross the street on their own, two Brooklyn-born kids, Sal Babbino and Marc Behar, began a lifelong friendship.  It didn’t take long for them to go from childhood games & adventures to creating a business enterprise together.  At an early age they began their first business partnership and their first retail location selling the local newspaper for $0.25 each on a busy street corner in Brooklyn.  Later in life, at the young age of 25 years of age, Sal asked his best friend to join him in starting a new business called NYS Collection Eyewear.  Both Sal & Marc had learned over the years a simple philosophy: if you listen to your customers and deliver a quality product at an affordable price, customers will beat a path to your door. Now 23 years later and with over 120 million pairs sold, Sal & Marc continue to listen to their customers and deliver quality products at an affordable price.

Salvatore Babbino


Babbino initiates franchising opportunities and manages retail practices. He is also an expert in merchandising and style development.


Behar specializes in product and inventory management. He also oversees the operations and distribution of NYS Collection Eyewear.

Marcos (Marc) Behar