NYS Collection Sponsors Miss Black USA 2015


The Miss Black USA beauty pageant is hosted annually in Washington, DC. NYS Collection Eyewear supported the 2015 pageant with a product sponsorship. The three-day event begins on Thursday and ends with the pageant taking place on Sunday. While in Washington, DC, contestants are given a tour of our nation’s capital. During their tour, contestants wore their favorite pair of NYS Collection Eyewear. Contestants then shared their journey over social media while showcasing their new NYS Collection sunglasses.

NYS Collection is proud to support the community and we thank the Miss Black USA organization for the opportunity to sponsor a truly great event.



The Miss Black USA Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing health and education, two leading social issues in the African American community. The winners of the official “Miss Black USA” state pageants will use her civic platform to promote awareness of these issues during her reign.

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