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Womens Shields and Shield Sunglasses

Womens shields and womens shield sunglasses fall within the category of frameless glasses. There are two types of shields: those that simply have a piece of frame connecting the two lenses, and those that have a single lens with only temples on each side. The urban appeal of shield sunglasses best fit those with a square face (for more information about face shapes and the sunglasses that best fit them, please visit our blog article on the topic.) Due to the size of the lens, shields are very effective in blocking out sunlight and providing UV400 protection. Because the lens wraps around the eyes and the surrounding area so well, the wearer will experience little or no sunlight penetration when they turn their head or face to the side of the sun. Many of the styles below have traditional frame colors. The collection also includes select styles from our designer eyewear line, NYS Elite. All lenses provide UV400 protection. Most pairs start at $25.