NYS Elite Eyewear is for fashion-forward consumers who are passionate about their refined, polished and bold style. These hand-crafted glasses are designed to leave a lasting impression. Like most designer eyewear, the product benefits are very important to consumers. Many of the most notable international brands in fashion have a sunglass line that embodies their approach to style and fashion.

Product Benefits

  • Allows perfectly clear vision and eliminates any imperfection or distortion
  • HD-Polycarbonate lenses are harder to scratch
  • Optic hinges are built in-to the frame, as opposed to being glued on-top of the frame, which increases quality and durability
  • No red marks
  • Increased comfort
  • Better grip
  • The color is injected into NYS Elite Eyewear frames, which prevents flaking, fading or chipping of color and makes our frames last longer
  • Acetate frames: Derived from plant-based material, making it an Eco-friendly product! Acetate frames are lightweight and ideal for custom fitting
  • TR-90 frames: Mainly on our sport plastic frames. These lightweight anti-slip frames are more impact and temperature resistant
  • Combined with the highest quality materials found on earth, each pair is individually hand crafted and designed for fashion and functionality together
  • NYS Elite Eyewear is a brand of a lifetime. Truly built-to-last!