Mens Clear Glasses and Nerd Frames for Men

Browse our selection below of mens clear glasses which are also known as personality clears, nerd glasses, clear glasses and clear frame glasses. Nerd glasses come in a variety of shapes including: ovals, rectangles and rounds. They feature traditional frame colors as well and can be made of both plastic and metal. These styles are often chosen to showcase your individual creativity and fashion savviness. The inspiration for many of these trendy styles began in the 1950s when full frames were common with those wearing prescription eyewear. Over the decades prescription eyewear changed but the look of wearing them never truly faded. With so many people wearing contacts and/or having corrective vision surgery, the allure of nerd glasses has increased exponentially. With clear lenses, you no longer require a prescription pair of glasses to exude a polished look of sophistication or to demonstrate how fashionable you can be.

Each style below starts at $25 per pair and features a frame option with clear lens.