Mens Eyewear

Browse our wide selection of mens eyewear including prescription glasses, non-rx reading glasses and sunglasses. .

Mens Eyeglasses

These are a necessity to those who wear them. For these individuals, corrected vision makes all the difference in the world. Being able to see the finest detail in everyday life to the safety and security of driving, is what motivates us to find a pair of glasses for life. Those who wear glasses know how important it is to have a quality brand of eyewear. Glasses over the years have marked the fashion of the times and today the same reigns true. Nowadays, prescription glasses are making a comeback in the fashion world. Brands are designing glasses that speak to a wider audience and launching styles that are both trendy as well as fashionable. Here at NYS Collection, we have begun a prescription eyewear line geared to the same styles we feature in our line of sunglasses. Vintage styles as well as rounds are notable trends in prescription glasses but full-frame and half-frame pairs are also available in our most recent collection. Our mens eyeglasses and frames start at $95 per pair.

Mens Reading Glasses

Buying reading glasses online is designed to be quick and easy. With free shipping to the United States (international shipping is also available), NYS Collection makes getting your new pair effortless. To determine the appropriate strength you need for your reading glasses, save a trip to the optician’s office and take our strength test to see which power is right for you. Our readers start at $25 per pair.

Mens Sunglasses

Browse our wide selection of mens sunglasses including our popular sunglasses for men as well as trending mens glasses and frames.