Introducing the 2016 Collection for NYS Elite Eyewear

NYS Elite Eyewear is for fashion-forward consumers who are passionate about their refined, polished and bold style. These hand-crafted glasses are designed to leave a lasting impression. Like most designer eyewear, the product benefits are very important to consumers. Many of the most notable international brands in fashion have a sunglass line that embodies their approach to style and fashion. NYS Collection Eyewear achieves this same feat with our Elite eyewear line. Our affordable quality is what sets us apart from the high price tags of designer eyewear.

When purchasing designer eyewear, the craftsmenship and quality of the sunglasses can make all the difference. We are very much proud of the product benefits of our Elite eyewear line so much so we can confidently boast how many of the features below match or exceed those found with other top brands.

Product Benefits

  • Allows perfectly clear vision and eliminates any imperfection or distortion
  • HD-Polycarbonate lenses are harder to scratch
  • Optic hinges are built in-to the frame, as opposed to being glued
    on-top of the frame, which increases quality and durability
  • No red marks
  • Increased comfort
  • Better grip
  • The color is injected into NYS Elite Eyewear frames, which prevents flaking, fading
    or chipping of color and makes our frames last longer
  • Acetate frames: Derived from plant-based material, making it an Eco-friendly
    product! Acetate frames are lightweight and ideal for custom fitting
  • TR-90 frames: Mainly on our sport plastic frames. These lightweight anti-slip
    frames are more impact and temperature resistant
  • Combined with the highest quality materials found on earth, each pair is
    individually hand crafted and designed for fashion and functionality together
  • NYS Elite Eyewear is a brand of a lifetime. Truly built-to-last!

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  1. Maria says:

    Hola, necesito un correo donde solicitar hacer efectiva garantia de anteojos comprados en NYS Florida Mall 2 el dia 11 de sept 2016- ya regrese a mi Pais Chile – se le cayeron los tornillos que sujetan el vidrio-transaccion 785058 atrndida por juliana

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