4 Easy Steps to Maintaining Your Sunglasses


Sunglasses will receive a significant amount of abuse over their lifetime. When we first buy a pair, we often overlook how we will store them and ultimately what will threaten their durability.

How many scenarios do they find themselves in?

We’ll store them in the sunglass holder in our automobile (if they fit), in the middle console, in our front pocket, hanging on our collar, on our nightstand, on our dusty dresser top, in a beach bag or worse in our pocket.

If you take them when you travel and don’t leave them on you, they will certainly find themselves in your purse, carry-on or even in your checked baggage. Then there is the unexpected abuse like UV/UB rays on the frame, the rapid transitioning of temperatures from cold to hot and stress on the hinges as your friends pass them around the room to revel in their look.

That is a substantial amount of abuse and depending on the value of your pair, you may be toting a hard case or soft case around at all times to avoid some of it. For all those circumstances that a hard case can’t solve, we have put together 4 Easy Steps to Maintaining Your Sunglasses.

  1. Use a microfiber case or cotton cloth to remove debris from your lenses. Rule of thumb: the softer the fabric, the better.
  2. DON’T use your fingers or finger nails to chip or scrap away anything that has found its way on them.
  3. A case (soft or hard) protects the hinges as well as the lenses from unneeded wear and tear. Pockets and purses are not safe havens.
  4. For frames like those on wayfarers™, plastic fashion and sport styles, avoid leaving the sunglasses unprotected in your vehicle on hot summer days. Plastic is durable but depending on the density of the frames, heat can cause them to expand and loosen the lenses.

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