Cool Sunglasses: The Focus of our New Winter Releases

cool sunglasses 2016 cool glasses cool mens sunglasses

Cool sunglasses are trending as Spring 2016 approaches.

We here at NYS Collection Eyewear want to make sure you have cool sunglasses and fresh new styles ready for the season. Many of the latest releases combine modern aviators with vintage style. Along with fashionable rounds, our 2016 Winter Collection features frames across all the major categories from sporty to metal all the way through to plastic fashion and vintage.

Some of the most notable highlights from this year’s latest styles are:

Cool Sunglasses featuring Sydney Place 2016 cool glasses cool mens sunglasses
Sydney Place (1990) featuring ice blue reflective lenses and a sturdy silver frame.

Sydney Place – Style #1990

Sidney Place is a select style from our 2016 Winter Collection that is inspired by vintage styles from the 1960s, the traditional aviator and European fashion. The dual bridge frame and tear-drop lens shape are similar to your standard aviator style. However, to distinguish this style from an aviator, the frame is altered slightly to include a keyhole-shaped nose bridge with decorative bridge modifications. Sidney Place is a pair of shades that combines posh style with its own take on a colorful personality.



Cool Sunglasses featuring Freeman Street 2016 cool glasses cool mens sunglasses
Freeman Street (1872/73) is a vintage round with excellent lens options for the hippie in all of us.


Freeman Street – Style #1872/73

Freeman Street is another classic style from our 2016 Winter Collection that is inspired by vintage styles from the 1960s and 1970s. Right now, reflective lenses on vintage styles like rounds are trending across the globe. Rounds became synonymous with the hippie movement of the 1960s and as re-emerged over the past few years. Freeman Street personifies the movement that took on the virtues of liberty and what it was meant to be free.



Cool Sunglasses Featuring Audubon Avenue 2016 cool glasses cool mens sunglasses
Audubon Avenue (2743/8743) is a vintage style that captures both the 1950s and 1960s.


Audubon Avenue – Style #2743/8743

Audubon Avenue is one of the most highly anticipated styles of 2016. Audubon oozes vintage style as it has the characteristics of eyewear popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is certainly a throwback to an era where things were viewed as simpler. When this style was most popular, it may not have had the same number of frame options as it does today. Options in this 2016 edition have a wide range of lens options and even more subtle ones like the type of metal used in the bridge.



These cool sunglasses are just one of many now available on and your local participating retail outlet. The 2016 Winter Collection features a wide variety of sunglasses in both polarized and non-polarized styles as well as some entries into our world famous NYS ELITE line.

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