Choosing a Sunglass Brand

Choosing a new pair of sunglasses is highly influenced by brand loyalty, price and the value you get for your money. A sunglass brand creates their own image based on what is fashionable and what are the latest global trends. Some are trend-setters; others wait to see what trends survive. An image of the brand is forged by the level of care they place in their name, their quality and their emphasis on fashion.

Price is also a significant contributor to your choice in eyewear. Nowadays, sunglasses can range from $5 to $500. In most cases, the quality impacts the price. This quality is heavily determined by the materials used in the construction of the frames and lenses. These materials vary amongst common plastics, polycarbonates, metals and acetates. The emergence of polarized and shatter-resistant lenses have also been game changers.

At the end of the road, value reigns supreme. Value is the intersection of brand and price. Does the quality and brand match the price? This is obviously subjective and based on personal experience with the brand in question, but value is what endures the longest. If quality and price are aligned then the perceived value of that pair of sunglasses is high. If the price does not match the quality then the value simply is not felt.

When selecting your next eyewear brand, remember that choosing the right pair of sunglasses is completely up to style and taste. Going back to that eyewear brand is more about the value you feel.

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