Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

polarized sunglasses

The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses Go Beyond UV Protection.

Polarization is an optical filter that blocks certain light rays while allowing others to pass through. This protective mechanism offers a number of benefits including glare reduction, improved clarity, enhanced contrast, better color perception, and less eye strain.

Faced with glare or ambient light, eyes squint to shield the retinas. Frequent squinting changes the shape of the lenses inside the eye and will negatively affect vision. Polarized sunglasses offer protection, nearly eliminating glare and the need to squint. This is particularly helpful while driving during sunset hours when light bounces intensely off the roads and other cars.

Polarized lenses also contribute to improved clarity. A reduction in light entering the eye creates better perception of depth and object sharpness. This benefit offers a distinct advantage in sport environments where these elements of vision are key.

A related feature is color enhancement. When light saturates objects, color can appear washed out and dull. Polarized sunglasses reduce light saturation giving the appearance of crisp color. The sky looks bluer and the grass more green, creating better contrast with gives additional help in the perception of depth.

Our products come with standard 400UV protection but if you are ready to step up your game with the added benefits of polarization shop our Signature & Elite lines.Prices start at $40.

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