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What Kind of Boyfriend He’ll be Based on His Sunglasses

What Kind of Boyfriend is he? By Laura Lifshitz You think you know a guy, but you don’t really…until you take a good look at his shades. Sure, his sunglasses won’t reveal how many women he’s had in a lifetime, his religion or his relationship with his mother (or will it?), but it will say […]

5 Reasons Glasses Make You Sexier

Why Glasses Make You Sexier By Laura Lifshitz There’s a reason Clark Kent was so sexy, and it wasn’t just that he turned into Superman, complete with major muscles and abs. It was the glasses. The glasses made Clark. Sure, the goal of those glasses was to make Clark seem perhaps, geeky and unsure. The […]

6 Trendy Back to School Outfits

What’s Your Back to School Style? Let’s be honest – the first day of school is one of two things- gut wrenching or something you’ve been looking forward to all summer. Either way, everyone wants to put their best foot forward and start of the school year off right. It always helps to come back […]

5 Sunglasses You Can Wear Depending on Your Summer Situation

What’ll be your Sunglasses Style? By Laura Lifshitz: No matter what summer mood you’re in—looking for love, looking for a job post-graduation, healing a broken heart or maybe heading out on vacation—there’s always the perfect pair of sunglasses to fit your mood. From pride to despair, your sunglasses do more than shade your eyes from […]