6 Trendy Back to School Outfits

What’s Your Back to School Style?

Let’s be honest – the first day of school is one of two things- gut wrenching or something you’ve been looking forward to all summer. Either way, everyone wants to put their best foot forward and start of the school year off right. It always helps to come back to school as the best version of yourself – looking fresh and feeling good. Here are five trends that will be big this back-to-school season, so keep an eye out!

#1-The Comfy-Casual Fashionista

There’s always that one girl that can take a t-shirt three sizes too big an turn it into a fashion statement. Whether it’s dressing up a basic t-shirt dress with an edgy jacket or bold accessories, giving in to the whole joggers and fancy shoes thing, or just throwing on a pair of thigh high boots with an oversized sweatshirt. See an example of this kind of style below!

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#2-The Boho Babe

This look takes the right kind of girl to get it right. You either need to have attention to detail for this style, or it just comes naturally. The ladies that can pull this off always remind you of summer, even in the wintertime. When this style is perfected it looks like a more stylish hippie – not that we’re complaining. Check out the “Boho Babe” look below to see what we mean!

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#3-The Preppy Persona

A perennial back to school style- get preppy with it! The preppy persona is the perfect way to look polished and feel comfortable. It combines a professional and relaxed attitude, with a youthful yet grown-up air. Throw on a cute blouse, maybe some colored jeans, and a cardigan and you’re good to go. See below for our style ideas!

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#4-The Cool Kid

This edgy-casual style screams calm, cool, and collected. Although it may seem effortless, it takes just as much thought as the rest of the looks here. The Cool Kid can be as simple as a tank and jeans with a cool leather or fringe jacket, other times it could just be adding a pair of cool shades and shoes. This look is for individuals who dare to stand out. Check out an example of what we’re talking about below!

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#5- The Chic Chick

This style is classy, put-together, and is flattering to a woman’s femininity. Although this style is polished, it gives off a more edgy vibe than the preppy look. Depending on the wearers personality, The Chich Chick has an air of HBIC – a take charge personality. If you don’t know what that means, feel free to look it up. You can achieve this style in many different ways, but in our example we chose a well-structured shirt, some interestingly detailed jeans and accessories to match the outfit’s personality – check it out below!

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#6-The Little Black Look

When in doubt, black it all out. Simple, yet timeless, wearing all black (or mostly black) has always been a go-to in times of outfit doubt. Black is many things; simple, mature, clean-cut, sophisticated, elegant, and even edgy. You really can’t lose with your basic black ensemble. Take a look at our creation below!

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These are just six of the most popular back to school trends we found. Be sure that no matter what style you go with this back to school season, you rock it with confidence. We would love to know what you think. Tell us what trends you’re caught up on, or even how your first day of school goes! Be sure that no matter what style you go with this back to school season, you rock it with confidence. Check out our Polyvore or Pinterest for future style ideas!