What’s in Your Closet? 5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

You don’t want to have to think too in depth about your Halloween costume. This year, make it easy on yourself by looking through your closet first! Your costume solution could be right under your nose. Here are five quick and easy costumes you can put together – depending on what you have in your closet already!

#1- Hippie

The hippie costume has always been a popular last-minute-look. In the photo below, we put together a cute 1960s ensemble that you can copy – or make completely your own. It doesn’t have to be exactly like what we put together here, although that would be rather impressive. It could be as simple as putting on a tie-dye shirt and throwing up the peace sign!

#2- Pilot

If we’re being honest, the pilot costume is pretty much an everyday fall style. It’s very simple really – a t-shirt, jeans, boots, and a classic cargo jacket. You could even use a bomber jacket instead if that’s what you just happen to have in your closet. There’s a couple things you could pick up to enhance the look – maybe some patches, dog tags, a cool pair of aviator glasses, etc. See the look below to get some ideas!

#3- Nerd

The nerd costume is a Halloween classic. It’s simple enough to put together just days before the big holiday. We’ve provided simple ideas for you to use as a guide. However, you can always do different variations of what you think a “nerd look” means. It could be what we have here, or maybe a dorky sweater, a plaid skirt, some knee-high socks, etc. It’s all up to your imagination!

#4 – Cop

Another great quick-fix is the Cop costume. This style can easily be put together with a couple staples found right in your closet! Again, you may need to make a quick pit stop at the dollar store to get a hat or handcuffs. You don’t want people constantly coming up to ask what you are – it gets old fast. Check out our cop style below!

#5- Librarian

The librarian costume is always a good fallback option. A lot of the clothes a librarian would wear are things you can find pretty quickly in your closet – much like the rest of these costumes. The look below gives off a more retro-librarian vibe, but utilize your own style when putting together your librarian outfit. Instead of a more retro style costume, maybe you want to make yours more business casual, or even sexier than your typical librarian.

Now that you have a few ideas for a simple Halloween costume, it’s time to shop your closet! Don’t wait until the very last minute- that adds stress to an otherwise enjoyable holiday. Make sure that whatever the costume, you give it your own flare – let your style shine through!

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