2016 Winter Collection Photo Shoot

2016 Winter Collection

In anticipation for the official release of our upcoming 2016 Winter Collection, NYS Collection® was in the studio photographing the new styles. The 2016 Winter Collection will include almost 40 new styles. Included in this release will be over 24 new styles of NYS Elite Eyewear® and about 15 styles of NYS New York sunglasses (non-polarized.)

All 24 new styles of NYS Elite Eyewear® will feature HD-polycarbonate polarized UV400 lenses, silicon nose pads, optical hinges and adjustable frames. NYS New York will be the category for all non-polarized styles beginning in 2016. This category along with NYS Signature polarized will serve as the base offering of NYS Collection® with the NYS Elite Eyewear® brand appealing to the affordable high-end fashion customer.

The 2016 Winter Collection will feature many vintage as well as contemporary cat eye fashions, aviators and sport styles. The largest category is cat eye fashions with both acetate and metal frames.

The targeted release date for this collection is January 15, 2016.

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